How to create a Database and Database User in Plesk Panel

1. Login to Plesk.

2. Select Domain name.

3. Click on Databases.

4. To create a new database click on Add Database.

5. In the Database namefield enter the name for the database.

6. From the Database serverdropdown select a database server.

7. To assign the database to a specific website, select a website from this dropdown.

8. To create a database user, enter the user name in the Database user namefield.

9. Type the passwordin the Passwordfield otherwise Click on Generate button for create auto generate password, then enter the same password in the Confirm password field.

10. If you want to grant this user access to all databases created under this subscription then select this checkbox.

11. In the Access controlsection, you can allow the user to access the database from these options.

12. Selected option allows you to access the database only from the local connections.

13. By default this option is selected and allows you to access the remote connections to the database from any host.

14. If you want to allow remote connections from specific IP addresses or domain names then select this option.

15. To create a database and database user click on OK.

16. You will get a success message.

17. Your new database user can be found in User Management.

18. You can click on the usernameto change its settings at any time.


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