How to create a cPanel Account in WHM?

1. Login to WHM.

2. Click on Account Functions and then Create a New Account.

3. Fill in the fields on the Domain information page. Below is a description of the options:

Domain The primary domain name for the cPanel account. Username Username for logging into the cPanel. Password Password for logging into the cPanel. Email Email address to receive cPanel account notifications.

4. Select the desired package from the dropdown.

5. Select your default theme and locale.

6. Set your DNS Settings.

7. Set the Mail Routing Settings.

Automatically Detect Configuration cPanel looks to the MX records to determine whether to send mail locally or remotely. Local Mail Exchanger Use when mail is expected to always come to the local server. Backup Mail Exchanger cPanel will use the local server if remote mail attempts fail. Remote Mail Exchanger Use when mail is expected to be sent elsewhere (third party email).

8. Click on the Create button.

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