How to add a mail forwarder ?

To add a mail forwarder, perform the following steps:

Send a copy of any incoming email from one address to another. For example, forward [email protected] to [email protected] so that you only have one inbox to check.

1. Click on "Add Forwarder".

2. In the "Address to Forward" text box, enter the address for which you want to forward the incoming email.

3. Select the required domain from the drop-down menu.

4. Select one of the following options:

Forward to email address —
Select this option to forward incoming email to another address.

Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time) —
Select this option to discard incoming email and automatically send a failure notice to the sender.
Enter the desired failure message in the Failure Message text box.

5. Click Add Forwarder.

To add a domain forwarder :

Using this option you can forward all emails from one domain to another. To send all emails for a domain to a single email address, change the Default Address for that domain.

1. Click Add Domain Forwarder.

2. Enter the domain to which you want to forward email.

3. Click Add Domain Forwarder.

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